Chanticleer Garden in Photos

We spent the afternoon at Chanticleer Garden. It was absolutely beautiful. Apparently Chanticleer means rooster in French. On opening day they bake rooster shaped sugar cookies and give them to the guests, that’s what is in Atlas’ hand in all of these photos. He held on to that thing for dear life, until he accidentally dropped it in a fountain. DSC07430 (2)DSC07432 (1)DSC07450 (1)DSC07425DSC07442 (1)DSC07453DSC07457 (1)DSC07463 (1)DSC07468 (1)DSC07467 (1)DSC07469

DSC07439 (2)DSC07441 (1)DSC07526 (1)DSC07436 (1)DSC07504 (1)DSC07521 (1)DSC07545 (1)DSC07547DSC07553 (1)DSC07551


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  1. Amazing Lia!

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