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Hidden Symbolism In The Word Evolve – Decoded. {Video}

Some things are BEYOND language (especially english) such as the higher realms and the ineffableness that is the Dreamer.

The Spiritual Quest reminds me of Penrose stairs, in the sense that once you think you go as far as you can, you realize that the possibilities are LOVING & INFINITE.

This was a pivotal unveiling for me, as I interpreted it as direct instructions to go BEYOND WORDS and embark upon a mystical journey of my very own.

Initially the pursuit for Spiritual Knowledge stimulated my intellect and had my Left Brain pumped up on Steroid’s, meanwhile the intuitive right hemisphere was whispering subtly for my thoughts to shut the fuck up.

They are more balanced now, I am more balanced now.

I wish I could tell my Past Self not to conceptualize my own version of the Divine by cherry picking concepts in which I resonated with from across the globe. Although I created a legendary Entity, by defining it, I confined it.

God became a palpable presence in my life when I finally took him out of the box I built for him. My experience with this presence is unique to me, ever evolving, and only exists in the present moment.

I just want to encourage anyone on a similar quest to turn off their phone, computer, tablet or whatever and experience your own unique interactive experience with the one presence.


Love Love Love


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