Oneness Awareness

To avoid unconsciously bringing negative situations into my reality, I try my best to use this simple visualization whenever I go anywhere in public. It immediately gets me out of my head and into my heart. This transference sets me up for loving interactions with my fellowman by consciously bringing my awareness to the interconnectedness of all beings and things in the Universe!

Oneness Awareness Visualization: 

Wherever you are, stop everything and breathe. Activate each of your senses to delve into the present moment. Become AWARE of your surroundings.


That every person in your environment has a small arched wooden doorway with iron hinges on their chests. The doors are opened, revealing each persons red beating heart. You look around and admire the diverseness of the people, and you find comfort in the uncanny similarity of each bloody beating heart. There is a tiny silver\white silk like fiber similar to a spider’s web outstretching from your heart to each of theirs. Each person is connected by this fine energetic fiber. Upon closer observation you see that each heart also has a thicker energetic chord extending upwards towards the Heavens. You get a sense that each of your hearts are connected to God’s Heart.

You should notice immediate results. You will feel an interconnectedness and present moment awareness that can only bring positive experiences your way. You will see a lot of smiles.

Please let me know how this works for you,

Love, Lia

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