Energetic Protection Exercise


Sit down straight somewhere comfortable. Observe each of your senses to activate them. This will help you get rooted in the present moment quickly.

I will provide you with an affirmation. Don’t think too much into it. Read each word slowly, taking a breath between each. Read repeatedly aloud or silently – until you become absorbed in the inner meaning.

Energetic Protection Affirmation:

“I am cutting off my silver chains and throwing them far away. I am no longer feeding darker entities, I am one with God and He with me!”

Once you sense that these words permeate your being, close your eyes. Focus on the breath and simultaneously fix your gaze at the point between the eyebrows. If any thought arises mentally affirm the word “Love” and return to the breath. Stay here for as long or little as you feel guided to.

Whenever you are ready, incorporate this corresponding visualization:

With eyes closed, Imagine yourself sitting just as you are. There are several energetic silver chains connected to your body that are wispy & translucent, similar both in appearance and consistency to a spider’s web. These chains stream from you and are attached to anything in your life that takes your energy. (For example; relationships, obligations, situations, resentment, responsibility, etc… try to be as specific as possible.)

Each respective thing has it’s own corresponding energetic chain.

Now imagine you CUT the chains with a pair of golden scissors or a sword, and watch those babies detach from your body and fade away!

Return to your breath and feel a sense of lightness and freedom.

Breathe a few more times, and open your eyes.

Rinse and Repeat as often as possible. You will be surprised at how well this works! 



2 comments on “Energetic Protection Exercise

  1. You have a very nice, laid back style of writing! Keep it up. The truth is light and light defeats the darkness.


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