Motherhood, Minimalism & Presence

No one ever told me that I needed to protect my child from myself. 

I have the potential to be my son’s biggest predator because I’m his example and I’m broken, distracted and disillusioned. The only way I can avoid subconsciously projecting my crap onto my son is by healing myself. To begin this process all I need to do is look to him for guidance, as he embodies everything that I have forgotten.

He sees the world through a lens of  wonder – this  activates his imagination – then he directly engages with the world through his own unique form of  experimentation  through his body and senses without the interference of thought – which is a form of active creativity that can only exist in the present.

Every living thing contains natural intelligence. A type of  blueprint that organically unfolds, guiding every organism through its evolution in the smoothest and fastest way to reach it’s greatest potential – when given the proper environment. Plants + animals  live in a state of allowing  which enable them to tread the path of least resistance towards fulfilling their destiny.

Humans however, make things harder on themselves by going against the law nature when they develop an Ego. The Ego then steps in as our compass – over ridding our internal guidance system – our natural intellengence – and takes us on a wild ride through uncharted waters.

The Ego is a false identity that tells us that we’re separate. It typically forms around the age of two, when children become more familiar with language. It comes to be because children emulate the adults in their environment – and the adults are unintentionally conditioning the children to develop their faulty beliefs, which have been passed down through their genetic line for generations.

The children have no one to explain to them why this sense of separateness and loss have occurred, because the parents are also unaware. At this point each individual usually stumbles around life trying to find something to fulfill themselves, in the forms of money, occupation, talent, relationships, etc –  and they will keep searching high and low until they find out for themselves, that they are what they have been looking for all along.

I need to provide the right environment for my son to flourish. I will do this by nurturing his essence and joining him in the present moment simply by activating each of my senses and focusing on the breath. Always returning to the breath when a thought arises and sending it away with love.

Conscious application of this technique puts me into a state of allowing which activates the natural intelligence in my DNA which reroutes my self inflicted treacherous and windy evolutionary trajectory towards my destiny into a direct route.

Once I began noticing my thoughts without engaging them,  I began to see that excess was the main culprit distracting me from presence by negatively occupying my time and mind. Excess in the form of possessions or desires, thoughts, maintenance of my possessions, unwanted commitments, etc!

Upon this realization I knew a major clearing was in order – within and without.

I’m in the process of creating a life for myself  where I am presented with as little distraction as possible from presence. I will do this  by ensuring everything in my reality has the attributes of simplicity, minimalism, quality, intention and love which always create beauty. Beauty is a place where you are immersed in presence organically. So creating a beautiful environment at home is a wonderful way to cultivate a natural state of presence. So that is my plan, to turn my world into a beautiful place where my mind can relax and I can just breathe.

I apologize for rattling on! I am going to do my best to simplify my writing  in future posts, but it is my first post and I’m  so excited  to begin this journey with you!

Thanks for listening.


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